Please refer to the below update or any further development of our current project lineup. 

Commission carbon fiber plate

  • Batch 30/04 order has been processed. Will announce the estimated delivery dates once again.

Typ 65 

  • T65+ Case: Manufacturing (Machining)
  • T65+ PCB: On queue
  • T65+ Carrying Case: Completed
  • Screws and misc: Completed
  • Packing material: Completed
  • Carbon fiber plate: Completed
  • FR4 plate: On queue 

Typ 60 Prototyp

  • T60 Prototyp V1: Completed
  • T60 Prototyp V2: Completed
    T60 Prototyp V3: Completed - Under review
  • PCB Prototyp V2: Completed (To test 1.6mm/1.2mm)
  • Review and reevaluate: Pending


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